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Reusable Silicone Anti-Wrinkle Patches

Our 16-Piece Reusable Silicone Anti-Wrinkle Set is perfect for tightening skin and naturally removing the appearance of wrinkles. Our silicone pads will begin to work within hours from when you first put them on, and make your skin smooth and look younger. The reusable silicone pads are made of high quality material and do not hurt or damage your skin when you used.  The pads are safe to use, comfortable, and can be used when you sleep, rest, or watch TV.  The silicone pads can simply be washed and reused up to 10-20 times.

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Clean the pads before the first usage, and every time after use. Clean your skin before application of the pads.  Ensure your skin is free from moisturizer, sunscreen or sweat, and preferably you should exfoliate any dead skin cells before use. Remove the pad from bag, and peel off plastic cover, do not discard the cover because you will use this to store your pad later. Hold the sticky side of pad to your skin, press firmly and evenly to get good adhesion. You may use overnight and then in the morning, remove the pads slowly using an upwards motion. Wash the pad with soap and water, avoid cleansers, moisturizing oil and emollients. Let the pads air-dry, keeping the adhesive side upward, do not use towel to wipe.  Once dry, put the pads back onto the plastic cover.  Store the pads back into the packing bag and away from dust.


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