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Bamboo Exfoliating Foot Brush

Our 4-in-1 Bamboo Exfoliating Foot Brush is great for exfoliating dried out, dead skin on feet.  Keep your feet healthy: practical foot brushes for you to remove calluses and dead skin from your feet safely and gently, give you smooth and healthy feet skin, enjoy foot spa at home.  The 4-in-1 design makes it easier and more practical to use. Use the Nail Brush to clean the feet and nails, use the Pumice Stone to soften the heel and toes, the Nail File for filing down nails and exfoliating dead skin, and the Metal File is great for smoothing rough surfaces and corns. This top quality brush is suitable for professional or home use.

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Clean the brush before the first usage, and every time after use.    

5*20cm in size and made from Bamboo Wood, Pumice, Iron, Sand and Synthetic Brush Fibers. 

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